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People love all of the great products we carry at the Grain Bin Market & Bakery! We have thousands of items in stock every day, with thousands more available by special order. The list below contains a small sampling of the many great items you'll find on our shelves at the Grain Bin Market and Bakery! Our list changes seasonally and upon availability from the manufacturer.  Contact us if you are looking for something specific!

Bragg Miracle Health System
Gluten Free Cookbook
Lip Doc

Anise Seeds
Anise Stars
Allspice (Ground)
Allspice (Whole)
Apple Pie Spice
Arrowroot Powder
Bar-B-Q Seasoning
Basil Leaves
Bacon Bits (Imitation)
Bay Leaves
Hot Cajun Seasoning
Cardamom Spice
Caraway Seeds (Whole)
Celery Salt
Celery Seeds
Cheddar Cheez Powder
Chili Powder
Chipotle Pepper (Ground)
Ground Cinnamon 2% Volatile Oil
3” Cinnamon Sticks
Cloves (Ground)
Cloves (Whole)
Coriander (Ground)
Ground Cumin
Curry Powder
Dill Seed
Dill Weed (Egyptian)
Fajita Seasoning
Fennel Seed (Whole)
Garlic Granulated
Garlic Minced
Garlic Powder
Garlic Salt
Garlic Pepper Coarse
Natural Garlic and Herb Seasoning
Ginger (Ground)
Horseradish Powder
Honey Mustard Powder
Italian Seasoning
Lemon Pepper
Lemon Pepper (No Salt)
Marjoram Leaves
Mustard Seeds #1
Mustard Seeds (Ground)
No Salt Herbal Seasoning
Nutmeg (Ground)
Nutmeg (Whole)
Onion Powder (Indian)
Onion Salt
Oregano Cut and Sifted
Paprika (Smoked)
Paprika (Hungarian)
Paprika (Spanish)
Grated Parmesan Cheese
Parsley Flakes
Pepper (Black, Fine Grind)
Pepper (Black Coarse Grind)
Pepper, White
Whole Black Peppercorns
Peppercorns (Mixed)
Peppercorns (White, Whole)
Pepper (Red, Crushed)
Pepper, Cayenne (Ground)
Pickling Spice
Pizza Topping
Poppy Seeds
Poultry Seasoning
Pumpkin Pie Spice
Rosemary (Cut and Sifted)
Seasoning Salt
Sesame Seeds (Raw, Hulled)
Hickory Smoke Salt
Ground Thyme
Thyme Leaves
Taco Seasoning
Tumeric (Ground)
Xanthan Gum

Meat Seasonings
Szeged-Chicken Rub
Szeged-Fish Rub
Szeged-Rib Rub
Szeged-Steak Rub
Szeged-Pizza Seasoning
Rib Rub
Steak Rub
Montana Steak Seasoning
Perfect Pepper Steak Seasoning
Wright’s Liquid Smoke
Hot Italian Sausage Seasoning
Mild Country Sausage Seasoning
Onion & Bell Pepper Sausage Seasoning
Polish Kielbasi Sausage Seasoning
Sweet Italian Sausage Seasoning
Breakfast Sage Sausage Seasoning
Bratwurst Seasoning
Pizza Sausage Seasoning
Meat Tenderizer
Jerky Seasonings Hi Mountain – Original
Jerky Seasonings Hi Mountain – Hickory
Jerky Seasonings Hi Mountain – Mesquite
Jerky Maker Variety Pack
Western Deer Steak Seasonings
Polish Sausage Kit
Maple Blend Breakfast Sausage

Dehydrated Vegetables, Etc
Mushroom Forest Blend
Mushroom Portabella
Mushroom Shiitake Sliced
Salad Topper
All Natural Soup Greens
Dried Tomatoes Double Diced
Whole Red Chilies
3/8” Dehydrated Carrots
Green Diced Sweet Bell Peppers
Red Diced Sweet Bell Peppers
Onion Chopped

Table Salt Iodized
Sea Salt
Real Salt
Pickling and Canning Salt

Domino 10x Sugar
Light Brown Sugar
Raw Sugar
Granulated Sugar
Demerara (Unrefined Sugar)
Organic Raw Blue Agave
Supreme Baking Molasses
Black Strap Unsulphured Molasses
Sorghum Syrup
Honey Bear Raspberry
Honey Bear Blueberry

Baking Supplies
Red Star Yeast
Hi Active Instant Yeast
Cream of Tarter
Double Active Baking Powder Aluminum Free
Baking Soda (Arm and Hammer)
Canola Oil
Coconut Oil
Whole Egg Solids
Non Fat Dry Milk
Sweet Cream Buttermilk Solids
Clear Jel (Cook Type)
Clear Jel (Instant)
Vanilla Powder
Extract, Almond (Pure)
Extract, Anise
Extract, Coconut
Extract, Lemon
Extract, Maple
Extract, Peppermint
Extract, Strawberry
Pure Vanilla Extract
Imitation Vanilla Dbl Strength, Clear
Imitation Vanilla Dbl Strength, Dark
Food Coloring, Assorted
Redi-Pak Apple Turnover
Redi-Pak Blueberry (Whole)
Redi-Pak Cherry (Whole)
Redi-Pak Lemon
Redi-Pak Peach
Redi-Pak Red Raspberry
Redi-Pak Strawberry
Redi-Pak Banana Crème
Redi-Pak Bavarian Crème
Redi-Pak Coconut Crème
Redi-Pak Cream Cheese
Whip Topping
Flake Coconut (Unsweetened)
Flake Coconut (Sweetened)
Natural Cocoa Powder
Dutch Cocoa Powder
Black Cocoa Powder
Carob Powder
Butterscotch Drops 1M
Lemon Flavored Confectionary Drops 1M
Milk Chocolate Drops 1M
White Confectionary Drops 1M
Gourmet Pure Chocolate Drops 1M (Semi-Sweet)
Gourmet Pure Chocolate Drops 4M (Semi-Sweet)
Milk Chocolate Flavored Wafers
Cinnamon Drops 5M
Baking Bits Milk Chocolate (Candy Coated)
Skor Bits
Caramel Bits
Mini Reese’s Pieces
Baking Cups Cupcake Papers

Cake/cookie Sprinkles
Topperz, Jewel Blend
Sprinkles, Chocolate
Sprinkles, Black
Sprinkles, Blue
Sprinkles, White
Sprinkles, Orange
Sprinkles, Yellow
Sprinkles, Red
Sanding Sugar, Red
Sanding Sugar, Pastel Green
Sanding Sugar, Green
Sanding Sugar, Pastel Yellow
Sanding Sugar, Yellow
Sanding Sugar, Pastel Blue
Sanding Sugar, Blue
Sanding Sugar, Pastel Lavender
Sanding Sugar, Lavender
Sanding Sugar, Pastel Pink
Sanding Sugar, Pink
Sanding Sugar, Orange
Gourmet Pink Sugar
Gourmet Red Sugar
Gourmet White Sugar
Crystalz, Gold
Crystalz, Silver
Crystalz, White Diamond
Fish Shapes
Pig Shapes
Bright Sequin Shapes
Cow Shapes
Pink Ribbon Shapes
Dinosaur Shapes
Silver Dragees

Baking Mixes
Buckwheat Pancake Mix
Buttermilk Pancake Mix
Deluxe Pancake Mix
Pumpkin Spiced Pancake Mix
Apple Cinnamon Pancake Mix
Blueberry Pancake Mix
Oat Bran Pancake Mix
Old Fashion Buckwheat Pancake Mix
Whole Wheat Pancake Mix
Cranberry Bread Mix
Auntie Anne’s Baking Pretzel Kit
Sourdough Bread Mix
7 Grain Bread Mix
Blueberry Muffin Mix
Honi Bran Muffin Mix
Corn Muffin Mix
Buttermilk Biscuit Mix
Bun Mix White
Pie Crust Mix
Chocolate Chip Cookie Base
Sugar Cookie Mix
Brownie Mix
Pizza Dough Mix

All Purpose Flour (H&R)
Occident Flour Unbleached
Kyrol Flour (Bread Flour)
Ultragrain Flour White Whole Wheat
Semolina Flour
Pumpernickel Flour
Whole Wheat Flour Medium
Wheat Flour Sprouted Whole Grain
7 Grain Mix (Rolled/Flaked)
Spelt Flour
Baker’s Bran
Wheat Gluten
Buckwheat Flour Whole Dark
Cracked Wheat
Yellow Corn Meal, Coarse
Yellow Corn Meal
Millet (Food Grade)
Pearled Barley
Rye Berries
Teff Grain
Quick Oats
Rolled Oats #3 (Thick)
Rolled Oats #4 (Medium)
Oat Groats (Steel Cut)
Whole Oat Flour
Oat Bran

Red Rice
Black Rice, Sweet Thai
Arborio Rice
Long Grain White Rice 4%
Long Grain Brown Rice 4%
Northern Wild Rice
Brown and Wild Rice Pilaf
White and Wild Rice Pilaf
Rice Pilaf Exotic
Mexican Rice
Cheddar and Broccoli Rice

CousCous, Whole Wheat
CousCous w/ Chives and Saffron

Dry Bean/Peas
Green Split Peas
Yellow Split Peas
Lentil Bean
Garbanzo Bean
Black Turtle Beans
Great Northern Beans
Red Lentils
Red Kidney Beans
13 Bean Soup Mix

Meal Mixes
One Step Stuffing Mix
Grmt. Sour Cream and Onion Potatoes
Scalloped Potatoes Dehydrated
Instant Potato Flakes
Potato 3/8” Diced Dehydrated
Taco Supper
Tomato, Mac & Beef Supper

Breading, Etc.
Panko Bread Crumbs
Plain Bread Crumbs
Runion Breading
Old Fashioned Fry Meal
Seasoned Croutons
Chow Mein Noodles

Soup Mixes
Holiday Soup Mix
Harvest Soup Mix
Organic Harmony Soup Blend
Beef Barley Soup – No MSG
Creamy Brown and Wild Rice Soup
Complete Chili Soup – No MSG
Creamy Mushroom Soup – No MSG
Vegetable Beef Soup – No MSG
Garden Vegetable Soul – No MSG
Cheddar Broccoli Soup
Bac’n Split Pea Soup
Creamy Chicken Noodle Soup
French Onion Soup
Cheesy Bac’n Potato Soup

Soup Base/Bouillon
Beef Base – No MSG
Beef Base
Chicken Base w/ Parsley – No MSG
Chicken Base w/ Parsley
Boyd’s Ham Base
Low Sodium Beef Broth
Reduced Sodium Chicken Broth
Beef Bouillon Cubes
Chicken Bouillon Cubes
Vegetable Buillon Cubes

Lasagna (Enriched)
Home Style Kluski Noodles
Small Shells
Large Shells
Jumbo Shells
Elbow Macaroni
Cut Fusilli
Kluski Noodles
Medium Egg Noodles
Thin Spaghetti
Elbow Spaghetti
Garden Rotini
Angel Hair
Penne Rigate
Old Fashioned Angel Hair Noodles
Old Fashioned Hearty Noodles
Old Fashioned Extra Wide Noodles
Old Fashioned Wide Noodles
Wide Noodles
Spinach Noodles
Garlic Parsley Noodles
Vegetable Mix Noodles
Tomato Basil Noodles
Whole Wheat Noodles
Lemon-Pepper Noodles
Broccoli-Carrot Noodles
Spelt Noodles
Pesto Noodles
Organic Whole Wheat Spaghetti
Organic Whole Wheat Lasagna
Organic Whole Wheat Flats (Noodles)
Organic Whole Wheat Spinach Spaghetti
Rainbow Pasta Blend
Tomato Basil Linguini

Dip/Dressing Mixes
Italian Dressing Mix, No MSG
Ranch Dressing Mix
Cole Slaw Dressing Mix
Amish Macaroni Salad Mix
Dutch Potato Salad Mix
Cheesecake Mix Natural Lemon
Wild Blueberry Natural Dip
Mandarin Orange Poppyseed Dip Mix
Strawberry (Natural) Dip Mix
Black Raspberry (Natural) Dip Mix
Maple (Natural) Dip Mix
Natural Pumpkin Pie Dip Mix
Bacon Horseradish Dip Mix
Cucumber Dill Dip Mix
Garlic and Herb Dip Mix
French Onion Dip Mix
Nacho Cheese Dip Mix
Southwest Dip Mix
Sun Dried Tomato and Basil Dip Mix
Vegetable Dip Mix
Alpine Spinach Dip Mix
Cheddar Ranch Dip Mix
Ranch Dip Mix (No MSG)

Maple Walnut Pudding
Pumpkin Spice Pudding and Pie Filling
Instant Vanilla Pudding
Instant Chocolate Pudding
Instant Butterscotch Pudding
Instant Lemon Pudding
Instant Pistachio Pudding
Instant Coconut Cream Pudding
(Cook type) Chocolate Pudding
S/F F/F Chocolate Instant Pudding
S/F F/F Vanilla Instant Pudding
Vanilla Bean Ice Cream Mix
Dutch Chocolate Ice Cream Mix

Blueberry Gelatin
Orange Gelatin
Cherry Gelatin
Raspberry Gelatin
Strawberry Gelatin
Granulated Tapioca (Brazil)
Melojel (Corn Starch)
Clearjel (Instant)
Clearjel (Cook Type)
Dutch Jell, All Natural
Strawberry Danish
Raspberry Danish

Walnuts Combo Halves and Pieces
Pecans, Choice Medium Pieces
Almond Meal Natural
Almonds NPS Supreme 27/30
Almonds Sliced Natural
Almonds Smokehouse
Almonds Butter Toffee
Cashew Pieces Large Roasted and Salted
Jumbo Runner Peanuts (R&S)
Mixed Nuts with Peanuts (R&S)
Honey Roasted Peanuts
Sunflower Meats (Raw)
Sunflower Meats (Roasted and Salted)
Roasted and Salted Soybeans
Edamame (Green Soybeans) DR & S
Brazil Nuts (Broken)
Pistachios Roasted & Salted Nat. 21/25
Flax Seed Golden
Ground Flax (Meal) Golden
Chia Seeds
Pumpkin Seeds (Raw)
Pumpkin Seeds (R & S) Pepitas

Cinnamon Pecan Sticky Bun Oatmeal
Maple/Brown Sugar Oatmeal
Peaches and Cream Oatmeal
Strawberry and Cream Oatmeal
Cinnamon Apple Oatmeal
Wild Blueberry Oatmeal
Goji/Blueberry/Golden Flax Oatmeal
All Natural Swiss Style Muesli
Very Berry Antiox Muesli
Farina, #1 Course Enriched
Corn Flakes
40% Bran Flakes
Raisin Bran
Whole Wheat Flakes
Crisp Rice
Cocoa Crisp Rice
Toasted Oats
Honey Nut Toasted Oats
Apple Cinnamon Toasted Oats
Happy Shapes
Plain Shredded Wheat
Frosted Shredded Wheat
Puffed Wheat
Puffed Rice
Back-to-Basic Granola
Peanut Butter Almond Granola
Honey Almond Granola
Granola, Organic Cinnamon Spice
Granola, Organic Maple
Granola, Cape Cod Cranberry

Dried Fruits
Pitted Prunes (Small)
Raisins-Thompson Seedless Select
Raisins-golden Seedless
Craisins (Soft and Moist)
Dried Tart Cherries
Dried Blueberries
Apple Rings (No Sulfer)
Red Apple Chips, Caramel
Apricots, Turkish #4 140/160
Papaya Chunks Low Sugar No Sulfur
Pineapple Tidbits Low Sugar No Sulfur
Ginger Slice Crystallized
Kiwi (Natural Color)
Mango Slices
Mango Slices Low Sugar No Sulfur
Goji Berries
Tropical Fruit Trio
Banana Chips Sweetened
Pitted Dates Whole Fancy
Chopped Dates with Oat Flour
Date N Nut Roll

Natural Peanut Butter
Chocolate Peanut Butter
Almond Butter
Apple Butter
Seedless Red Raspberry Jam
Seedless Blackberry Jam
Boysenberry Jam
Bumbleberry Jam
Hot Pepper Jelly
Strawberry Jam
Rhubarb Strawberry Jam
Raspberry Key Lime Jam
Caramelized Onion and Chive Jam
No Sugar Added Seedless Blackberry Jam

Canned Items
J&A Sweet Dipping Mustard
J & A Hot Horseradish Mustard
J&A Hot Sauce
J&A Pickled Asparagus
J&A Spiced Dilly Beans
J&A Marinated Mushrooms
J&A Salsa, Mild
J&A Salsa, Medium
J&A Salsa, Hot
J&A Mango Salsa
J&A Salsa Black Bean and Corn
J&A Salsa Black Bean
J&A Salsa Peach
J&A Salsa Corn
J&A Corn Relish
J&A Pickle Relish
J&A Pickled Sweet Baby Corn
J&A Apple Butter BBQ Sauce
J&A Bacon Dressing
J&A Dill Brussel Sprouts
J&A Pickled Sweet Baby Beets
J&A Sweet Cauliflower
J&A Bread and Butter Pickle Chips
J&A Dill Pickle Spears
J&A Pepperocini Peppers
J&A Pickled Eggs
J&A Vanilla Peach Halves
Chunky Garden Pasta Sauce
Garden Vegetable Pasta Sauce
Chunky Italian Sauce

Cider Vinegar 5%
White Vinegar 5%
Organic Apple Cider Vinegar w/Mother

Organic Mango Lemonade
Just Black Cherry
Just Cranberry
Just Concord, Organic
Cranberry Pomegranate, Organic
Cranberry Blueberry, Organic
Blueberry Pomegranate, Organic
Very Veggie. Organic
Goji Berry Organic Juice
Spritzer, Black Cherry
Spritzer, Boysenberry
Spritzer, Cranberry
Spritzer, Jamaican Lemonade
Spritzer, Mango Fandango
Spritzer, Red Raspberry
Spritzer, Strawberry
Spritzer, Tangerine

Drink Mixes
Root Beer Extract
Fresh’N Tasty Orange
Fresh’N Tasty Iced Tea
Hot Chocolate Mix
White Hot Chocolate
Cold Chocolate Milk Mix
Original Cappuccino
Chocolate Raspberry Cappuccino
Cinnamon Vanilla Nut Cappuccino
French Vanilla Cappuccino
Hazelnut Cappuccino
Swiss Mocha Cappuccino
Chocolate Mint Cappuccino
Pumpkin Spice Cappuccino
Creamy Caramel Cappuccino
S/F French Vanilla Cappuccino
S/F Chocolate Raspberry Cappuccino
French Vanilla Decaf Cappuccino
Chai Tea
Chai Tea Spiced
Spiced Apple Cider
Breakfast Blend Coffee
Colombian Fair Trade Select Coffee
Coffee Creamer
French Vanilla Coffee Creamer
36 ct. K-cup Coffee Sampler Pack

12 ct. K-cup Green Tea
Pappy’s Green Tea
Pappy’s Raspberry Tea
Pappy’s Sassafras Tea
Original Herbal Tea Remedy
Chamomile Tea Bags
English Breakfast Tea
Irish Breakfast Tea
Passion Peach Tea
Oolong Tea
Jasmine Tea
Chai Tea Blend
Pomegranate Green Tea
Fruit Blend Herbal Tea
Darjeeling Tea
White Tea (Bai Mu Dan)
Self Seal Tea Bags
Mesh Tea Infuser

Refrigerator Items
Almond Breeze Vanilla
Almond Breeze Chocolate
Birch Beer
Diet Birch Beer
Kutztown Red Cream Soda
Kutztown Sarsaparilla
Gray’s Orange Soda
Gray’s Strawberry Soda
Sparkling Ice, Lemon Lime
Sparking Ice, Raspberry
Sparkling Ice, Mango
1 lb. Mozzarella Cheese
1 lb. Mild Cheddar Cheese
1 lb. Sharp Cheddar Cheese
1 lb. Extra Sharp Cheddar Cheese
Natural String Cheese
Natural Cheese Curds
Garlic Cheese Curds
Taco Cheese Curds
1 lb. Butter, Salted
Grade AA Large Eggs
Sour Cream (8 oz.)
1 Pint Chocolate Lowfat Milk
1 Pint 2% Reduced Fat Milk
1 Gallon 2% Reduced Fat Milk
1 Gallon A & D Homogenized Milk
1 Gallon Vitamin A & D Fat Free Milk
1 Gallon 1% Lowfat Milk

Sweet Snacks
Dieter’s Delight Snack Mix
Berry Fit Snack Mix
Cabin Crunch Trail Mix
Cappuccino Snack Mix
Chocolate Raspberry Truffle
Kiddiesnax Snack Mix
Sweet Temptation Snack Mix
Chocolate Pretzel Explosion
Caramel Puffs
Cinnamon Honey Pretzel Graham
Chocolate Pretzel Graham
Chocolate Stiks
Cinnamon Sugar Bagel Chips
Very Berry Health Mix
Vanilla Dehydrated Marshmallow Bits
Asst. Marshmallow Bits- Dehydrated
Monkey Munch, Peanut Butter

Chocolate and Yogurt Covered Snacks
Sugar Free Mini Peanut Butter Cups
Chocolate and Caramel Coconut
Yogurt Malt Balls
Milk Chocolate Malt Balls
No Sugar Added Milk Chocolate Malt Balls
No Sugar Added Milk Chocolate Mini Pretzels
No Sugar Added Dark Chocolate Raisins
No Sugar Added Yogurt Raisins
Dark Chocolate Raisins
Yogurt Coated Raisins
Milk Chocolate Raisins
Yogurt Micro Pretzel
Milk & Dark Chocolate Deluxe Mixed Nuts
Yogurt Almonds
Dark Chocolate Almonds
Milk Chocolate Almonds
Cocoa Dusted Almonds
Almonds Coffee and Cream
Dark Chocolate Cherries
Dark Chocolate Coffee Beans
Milk Chocolate Coffee Beans
Dark Chocolate Pretzel Balls
Yogurt Cranberries
Dark Chocolate Dried Cranberries
Dark Chocolate Ginger
Yogurt Coated Gingersnaps
Milk Chocolate Double Dip Peanuts
Maple Double Dip Peanuts
Milk Chocolate Caramel Peanut Cluster
Milk Chocolate Peanut Clusters
Milk Chocolate Mini Caramels
Dark Chocolate Mini Mints
Mini Milk Chocolate Peanut Butters Cups
Mini Milk Chocolate PB Buckeyes
Wilber Milk Chocolate Buds
Wilber Dark Chocolate Buds
Reese’s Pieces

Sanded Horehound
Sanded Anise
Sanded Lemon
Sanded Cherry
Sanded Cinnamon
Sanded Watermelon
Sanded Root Beer
Sanded Ginger Drops
Root Beer Barrels Clear Wrap
Sugar Free IBC Root Beer Barrels
Anise Bears
Sugar Free Gummi Fish
Gummi Bears 12 Flavor
Gummi Bears Wild Cherry
Gummi Neon Worms, Mini (Sour)
Gummi Butterflies
Gummallo’s Peach Rings
Tiny Gummi Bears
Fruit Snacks, 100% Vitamin C
Petite Mints
Smooth & Melty’s
Gustaf’s Licorice Allsorts
Mini Licorice Allsorts
Licorice Wheels Black
Swedish Gum Fish (Mini Red)
Sunbursts (Candy Coated Choc. Sunflower Seeds)
Australian Style Licorice (Red)
Australian Style Licorice (Black)
Red Cherry Bites
Chiclet Assorted Gum
Baseball Gum
Mint Lozenges (White)
Wintergreen Lozenges (Pink)
Spearmint Lozenges (Light Green)
Cinnamon Hearts
Cherry Menthol Eucalyptus Cough Drops
Honey Lemon Menthol Cough Drops

Salty Snacks
Buffalo Peanuts (Sweet and Hot)
Cajun Peanut Snax
Beef Sticks, Mild
Beef Sticks, Hot
Beef Sticks, Sweet and Spicy
Nine Variety Pretzel Mix
Pretzel Pieces Honey Mustard
Mustard Pretzel Mix
Honey Mustard Snack Mix
Louisiana Cajun Snack Mix
Sweet Cajun Snack Mix
Mexican Taco Snack Mix
Wasabi Trail Snack Mix
Pretzel Rods
Butter Braided Pretzels
Honey Wheat Pretzel Braid
Alphabet Pretzels
Peanut Butter Pocket Pretzels
Pretzel Balls (Large)
Mini Pretzel Balls
Pretzel Crisps
Garlic Bagel Chips
Seasoned Rye Bagel Chips
Ripple Potato Chips
BBQ Ripple Potato Chips
Sour Cream and Onion Ripple Potato Chips
Cheese Balls
Regular Corn Chips
Nacho Tortilla Triangles
Plain Tortilla Rounds
White Corn Tortilla Chips
Green Peas (Roasted and Salted)
Wasabi Peas (Green) Extra Hot
Sesame Sticks Hot & Spicy
Sesame Sticks Garlic
Sesame Chips
Corn Sticks Cheddar
Corn Stick Spicy Black Bean
Salted Corn Chips With Flax Seed
Salsa Rice Triangles
Crisp Vegetable Chips
Green Bean Chips
Carrot Chips
Squash Chips
Purple Sweet Potato Chips

Mini Oyster Soup Crackers
Crushed Hydrox Cookies
Graham Cracker (Crumbs)
Graham Cracker Squares
Ginger Snaps
Cheddar Whale Crackers
Cheddar Crackers
Mini Animal Crackers
Chocolate Coated Animal Crackers
Wheat Crackers
Sugar Wafers Chocolate
Sugar Wafers Vanilla
Sugar Free Wafers, Carmel
Sugar Free Wafers, Mint Chocolate
Sugar Free Wafers, Chocolate Cherry
Graham Mega Cookie Gems
Whole Wheat Blueberry Bars
Whole Wheat Fig Bars
Whole Wheat Raspberry Bars
Whole Wheat Apple Cinnamon Bars
Chocolate Ice Cream Wafers
Chocolate Ice Cream Scalloped Wafers

Yellow Popcorn
White Popcorn
Tiny Kernel Popcorn
Mushroom Popcorn
Ladyfinger Popcorn
Blue Popcorn
Red Popcorn
Butter Flavored Popcorn Oil
Butter Flavored Popcorn Salt
Fine Popcorn Salt

Gluten Free Items
All Purpose Baking Flour Gluten Free
Homemade Wonderful Bread Mix Gluten Free
Wheat Free Biscuit and Baking Mix Gluten Free
Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix Gluten Free
Brownie Mix Gluten Free
Chocolate Cake Mix Gluten Free
Vanilla Cake Mix Gluten Free
Pancake Mix Gluten Free
Quick Cooking Oats Gluten Free
Gluten Free Rolled Oats
Potato Flour Gluten Free
Garbanzo Bean Flour Gluten Free
Rice Flour
Brown Rice Flour
Oat Flour
Gluten Free Pretzel Snacks
Sea Salt Multi-grain Crackers
Original Multi-Seed Crackers
Rosemary & Olive Oil Multi-Seed Crackers
Roasted Garlic Multi-Seed Crackers
Toasted Onion Multi-Seed Crackers
Sea Salt and Pepper Baked Rice Krisps
Barbeque Baked Rice Krisps
Sour Cream and Onion Baked Rice Krisps
Nacho Baked Rice Krisps
Organic Rice Spaghetti
Organic Rice Shapes
Organic Corn Spaghetti
Organic Corn Elbows
Gluten Free Cashew Raisin Granola
Gluten Free Chocolate Granola
Gluten Free Cranberry Pecan Granola
Gluten Free Regular Granola
Gluten Free Vanilla Almond Granola

Canning Supplies
Jelly Jars ½ Pint Regular
Canning Jars Quilted Jelly Jars
Canning Jars Quart Regular
Canning Jars Quart Wide Mouth
Canning Jars Pint Wide Mouth
Lids Wide Mouth
Lids Regular
Candle Making Wax

Seasonal Items
Green Whole Cherries
Red Whole Cherries
Fruit Mix (Special Mello)
Green Pineapple Wedges
Red Pineapple Wedges
Chocolate Stars
Chocolate Covered Jell Rings – Orange
Chocolate Covered Jell Rings – Raspberry
Gold Coins (Chocolate)
Peanut Brittle
Cat Shapes (Sprinkles)
Mini Bunnies, Chicks, Ducks, and Eggs (Sprinkle)
Easter Egg Shapes (Sprinkles)
Easter Eggs (Pastel Shapes) (Sprinkles)
Sequins Pastel Shapes (Sprinkles)
Christmas Tree Mix Red/White (Sprinkles)
Red and Green Trees Shapes (Sprinkles)
Holly Quins (Sprinkles)
Noel Mix (Sprinkles)
Snowflake Shapes (Sprinkles)
Christmas Bulb Shapes (Sprinkles)
Gingerbread Men Shapes (Sprinkles)
Candycane Shapes (Red & Green) (Sprinkles)
Candycane Shapes (Peppermint Flavored)
Red, White & Blue Stars (Sprinkles)
Stars & Stripes Mix (Sprinkles)
Kiss Shapes (Lips) (Sprinkles)
Heart Shapes (Pink, Red, White) (Sprinkles)
Chocolate Lover’s Mix (Sprinkles)
Lovestruck Mix (Sprinkles)
Fall Leaves Shapes (Sprinkles)
Jack O’Lantern Mix (Sprinkles)
Christmas Tree Pretzels
Gummy Red & Clear Hearts
Assorted Jelly Beans
Licorice Jelly Beans
Candy Corn
Valentine Malt Balls
Valentine Chocolate Pretzels
Valentine Frosted Pretzels
Easter Chocolate Pretzels
Easter Yogurt Pretzels
Deluxe Valentine Mix
Speckled Robin Eggs
Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Eggs
Cute Hearts
Patriotic Frosted Pretzels

Soaps & Lotions
Made by Oakridge Soap Co.
Boyceville, WI

Wisconsin Woodland
Earth Angel
Sweet Grass
Orange Patchouli
Peppermint Pizzazz
Raspberry Vanilla
Chia Tea
Bay Rum
Oatmeal, Milk, & Honey
Gardeners’ Bar
Natural Goat’s Milk
Facial Bar

Whipped Shea Butter
Hydrating Lotion Bar
Sweet Summer Lotion Bar
Almond Lotion Bar
Vanilla Sugar Lotion Bar
Miracle Salve







The Grain Bin Market & Bakery is a truly unique shopping experience; there's nothing quite like it in Western Wisconsin! Looking for gift ideas? With the holidays approaching, stock up now on everything you'll need to prepare that special Christmas meal!

Our customers are always asking us for ways to prepare meals using some of the unique products we carry. Visit our recipes section for original recipes using ingredients and products found here at the Grain Bin Market & Bakery!


The Grain Bin Market & Bakery
The Grain Bin Market & Bakery
is easy to find:

From Menomonie, drive 15 miles north on Hwy 25 to County Road FF. Turn left on County Road FF and we're just one mile down the road on the left.

From intersection of Hwy 64 and Hwy 25, drive one mile south on Hwy 25 to County Road FF. Turn right on County Road FF and we're just one mile down the road on the left.

The Grain Bin Market & Bakery, E4548 County Road FF, Boyceville, WI 54725



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The Grain Bin Market & Bakery

E4548 County Road FF
Boyceville, Wisconsin 54725
Call (715) 632-2800    •     Email:

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